Customer service, multi-channel sales

Manage all your comment and your inbox on Fanpage, Facebook (profile), personal Website, Zalo OA, Shopee

Add tag for each customer to categorize customer needs, improve the effectiveness of health care

View purchase history to know there must be a regular customer or not

Customer information management details, easy

Close order management

Control of each product. The sync product specials from KiotViet to DooPage

Create an order directly right on DooPage when customers agree to buy products

Integrated shipping cheap Topship (GHN, GHTK, Viettel Post) and VNPost
The order status is automatically updated for proactive monitoring

Sales automation

Automatic answer inbox and comments upon the script was prepared based on Keyword and hashtag available

Quick answers to popular questions, help feedback information quickly

Send bulk messages to customers that have interacted with previous Fanpage

Employee management

Permissions for each employee according to the clear role and convenient

Capture the number of individual care staff

Sum is orders and revenue of each employee

Sales support

Automatically hide your comment to avoid being robbed customers from rivals

Support 3 chat frame enhance customer care and optimization consultant

Automatically like the customer’s comment on the fanpage to increase interaction

Revenue statistics, orders by date, week, month