We-DOOPAGE company-always understand that you are very interested in the personal information that you provide to us is confidential and used. We are committed that this information will be maximum effort to us security. We are committed to using this information in a logical manner

1- The purpose and scope of information collected

To register to use our products, our services or request technical support, you need to provide certain information such as: company name, business owner information, address, tax code, contact person, phone number , email and some other information.
Posted procedures section k of this idea helps us determine your correct information in order to provide the right to use the product/software services.

In addition, this information will help us can contact to serve you throughout the process of using the product/service we provide.

In addition to the information required to be provided in the process of creating your account, you may not need to provide the required information.

However, this information will be very useful to us when performing care and after sales support, so you should fill in all the requested information.

2- The scope of use of information

We will only use your information to:

  • Licensing and management of product/service do we offer
  • Additional information the subject with the partner in the event providers need information subject.
  • Contact, send a notice to you when DOOPAGE has updated.
  • Invitation to use new services/products or new cooperation policy.
  • Send announcements to invite you register upgrade or renewal product/service when about to expire use.
  • Perform these operations take care of after sales support.
  • Resolve complaints, disputes.
We promise not to share your personal information to any other third party, except when required by the competent authority of the State.

3- Time information storage

Your information is important to input data we provide and manage the right to use the products/services, so your personal information will be stored during the operation of the company.

4- The address of the unit gather information

Địa chỉ của Công ty TNHH DOOPAGE là:

  • 4th floor, no. 6-8 D2, Ward 25, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

5- Privacy statement for personal information of customers

We are committed to always use the best measures for security of client information to ensure that the information being stolen, disclosed.

We do not share, sell or rent customer information to any other third party.

6- Means and tools for users to access and edit your personal data

When the client is a member, customers will receive membership information is the email client registered. To modify your personal data, customers need to contact the website owner by email: [email protected] or contact us directly via telephone hotline: 02836 221 464 to request deletion, change believe

7- A mechanism for receiving and resolving complaints from users regarding the personal information being used for improper purposes or range announced

When receiving the reflection and the documents proving the transaction. BQT will perform the following tasks:

  • The Board will contact the Member complained via Email/phone to request your award information. Provide information to customer complaints management website
  • The management will proactively contact customers to complain and satisfactory resolution of the complaint. After you’ve solved, ADMINISTRATORS will notice of the situation and the actual compensation.
  • Members/customers who have a complaint can aggregate profiles (depending on the nature and severity), switch to the required authorities to law and protect rights of intervention. Board governance will support members/customers complaining in the statistics of the members/customers who have the same complaint. At the same time the Board pledged to assist the relevant authorities immediately upon request from the Agency. The Board will announce on about the process of handling the incident from authorities for the members to know. When the competent authorities have announced the incident would end.

Moderators will reopen to members complained in the following cases:

  • If a member/customer complaints accepted settlement of the Member complained of giving and the incident was dealt with. Complete the complaint.

Each page within our Website has a link to this privacy policy. All complaints posted about the fun long:

Address DOOPAGE JSC are:

  • 4th floor, no. 6-8 D2, Ward 25, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 02836 221 464 Email: [email protected]