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Solid application escalates your customer communication to more channels

DOOPAGE solved problems

Lack of management

Wondering the average response time of your team?

Hard to grow

Having multiple chat channels but hard to manage them all?

Security problem

Employees are accessible to your customer data?

Unable to automate

Can not leverage nowadays chatbot abilities?



Omnichannel is a great advantage!

Every sale/communication channel has their owned policies and strategies so they have their pros and cons.

Doing an omnichannel or multichannel helps business to leverage all channels’ benefits and minimize their limitations.

How customers trust DOOPAGE

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Some features of DOOPAGE

Multichannel messaging

Distribute your leads properly to your team.

Route your leads to team member

We support by default pick-up pool and can be configured to run round-robin.

All comment and message as in one stream

We merge all different message types into a single stream chronologically, so all comments, chat messages, feedbacks, reviews… will be treated as a message from customers.

Solid interface for all channels

Responders do not need to care about different sources of messages.

Quick reply

Create quick reply template for faster repeated response. In advance usage, users can also trigger a chatbot scenario manually.

Virtual call center (Vietnam only)

Traditional call is displayed as an audio message in the same thread of other chat messages. Users are able to accept or make a call directly on the screen that they are chatting with customers.


Never miss your customer attributes by tagging them.


Setup a customer pipeline so each customer will be in a segment which will be used for further re-engagement campaigns or management.

Customizable filter

Each responder may have a different perspective with customer list by modifying their owned filter options. It’s also can be saved for fast usages or share across all team members.

Chat in parallel

Large screen device are able to chat with more than 3 customers at the same time, which saves a lot of time for an agent while waiting for customer response.


Mobile application can be download from Google Play Store and Apple Store easily and supported most of daily operation of a chat agent.

Smart notification

Notify about new customer, customer is waiting and repeatedly remind agents about their missed conversation with customers.

Missed response notice

Any customer messages which are not responded are marked with a red counter. It’s easily for a sale agent to recognize their forgot jobs.

Remind about platform policy, allow to send Facebook reply out of 7 days window

The UX is designed to prevent agents from violating platform policy, and supported all detailed message policy to allow messaging your customer outside of 7 days window.


One scenario is able to work on multichannel and is designed to be best fit with automation marketing process.

Drag & drop editor

Seamlessly design your flows by visual editors. Most of popular scenarios for chatbot is ready below 10 steps.


Our chatbot is designed to work on all supported channels and reducing user repeated operations as much as possible. So now, there is no need to buy separated tool for each channel.

Automation marketing

Different with chatbot designed for marketing only purpose, our chatbot is designed to focus much on customer journey beginning from lead to sale and after sale. Support trigger condition based on order status, tag/segment transition.

Simple eCommerce

Good enough features for small SMEs or individual sellers to manage their business. And support API for integration with other system for medium & large enterprises.

Order management

Chat agent can create an order directly in chat screen. Capable user can process the other through the pipeline to deliver it to customer or receive the return.

Product management

Product information and pricing can be control from business owner dashboard.

API integration

Support open API and webhook for integration with business internal systems.


Daily operation for a chat seller is supported on both mobile platform and can be easy install from Google Play or Apple Store.

Add to cart

Manage and save customer cart for re-engagement by chatbot or customer segmentation.

What customers say about DooPage?

The desire to give the big brands a quality optimization services with a clear report. When IDComGroup use DooPage, we do not overlook any comment or inbox on the fanpage.

Đinh San

Senior Account Manager

DooPage help improve the pace YoungDo feedback with over 1.000 required check price and size every day. Reduce the workload and help staff back to the correct style consultant role to upsale products.

Sa Sa

Founder YoungDo

Characteristic of the ATP's business model is to dig through the Facebook Profile system. With DooPage, the ATP's staff to ensure no mistakes any sales opportunities with potential customers.

Trần Thịnh Lâm


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