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Effective customer care is always the bottom line to the business model to success. So why not invest for all employees a real tool worthy of care to THOUSANDS of customers in a gentle way.

Shops / Enterprise
Staff use
Save time
Minutes exchange with customers

DooPage will become EFFECTIVE and UNIQUE tool to connect between
Your business model & how clients?

Through 03 approach the key trends Sales / Customer Care on environment online include: Closely manage the whole point of multi-party communication with each customer, emphasizing the role of monitoring details the entire process & optimization consulting role, closing the sale, up sale of its employees. DooPage bring to any business model does a SaaS tools to expand, preserve and grow the number of customers most effectively.


The digital environment 4.0 requires business people are always ready to welcome customers from any channel, any exposure.


Remove the entire repeated manipulation. Counsellors need to focus the time to improve the quality of advice, shorten the time closing sale & customer support.


You always need a system to store all information of contact details with clients to optimize and correct as necessary.


All information is stored and displayed in the chart system to each individual effect can optimize the entire sales activities / CCU environment online.

Monitoring quality of service

Have you ever had to wonder consulting team has done well in his duties or not, customers are satisfied with the consulting team of business or not? Or business consulting team has enough yet, are redundant or are missing?

Easily control the quality of service
These statistics will quickly showed the insightful issues managed to react fastest.
The work becomes simple and effective

Every day at any time, even of of the consultants is just open the app Doopage and customer care in the order of precedence from top to bottom.

Mobility and instantaneous

No need to control consultants in a range as well as the need not to limit working hours, the work of the consultants become extremely comfortable and can replicate without the cost of the equipment , Office …

Support Android and iOS

Supports all popular phone line, the job of a consultant can start right now by downloading the application Doopage on the air.

Supports Facebook, Website, Zalo
Customer consultant at the same time, the same method for all the different channels.

Delivery fee to save both million

Delivery is always a headache problems with business owners in addition to the quality of service of the order, the delivery charge ship party is also a matter of interest. Understand the problem DooPage have synchronized with the Topship to help you solve the problem on the

Cheapest delivery charge
Get cheap delivery fee with incentives: the internal rates are 11,000 VND, remote areas nationwide is 35,000 VND need not specifically committed to the number.

Create simple orders

You will create the order directly on the DooPage and the shipping information with the delivery charge will appear for you to compare. You will get free ship cheap for the quality delivery.

The lowest risk

Topship synchronized 3 large home delivery: fast delivery, delivery saving, Viettel Post. With the delivery on your order will get the best guarantee


What customers say about DooPage?

The desire to give the big brands a quality optimization services with a clear report. When IDComGroup use DooPage, we do not overlook any comment or inbox on the fanpage.

Đinh San

Senior Account Manager

DooPage help improve the pace YoungDo feedback with over 1.000 required check price and size every day. Reduce the workload and help staff back to the correct style consultant role to upsale products.

Sa Sa

Founder YoungDo

Characteristic of the ATP's business model is to dig through the Facebook Profile system. With DooPage, the ATP's staff to ensure no mistakes any sales opportunities with potential customers.

Trần Thịnh Lâm


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