Single view to serve multiple channels

Centralize all comments and messages of customers from supported sale channels (Facebook Fanpage, Personal Facebook Profile, Instagram, Zalo OA, Shopee, Sendo, Website Live Chat, Email…). A smart methodology to merge all content types (comment on a facebook post, message via messenger or instagram, email) into a single conversation thread that help the supporters to have an overview about what customer are talking about.

We help business owners to manage their employees in a secure way while still able to give them enough access to the sale channels or customer information easily without needing to share the private username/password of social media accounts or worrying about cloning of your customer data from your employees.

Support customer segmentation and notation via tagging or customer sale pipeline. Help business owners to make a plan for the individual customer segment.

Shopping Cart feature

The social media platform does not provide online business the Cart feature to save what customers are talking about but we do.

The customer segmentation by having cart or not is done automatically by the system, that prevent worrying about following customers asked about some products before but hard to remember what are they.
Customer information for placing an order is saved and will be automatically filled for next time shopping.

Until now, we are the only one platform that support direct message via facebook comment

By supporting from Facebook, we are able to allow direct message to customers who just leave a comment on your Facebook Fanpage.

This speciality allows us to merge Facebook Comment and Facebook Message to just a single concept which is DooPage Message, so our user do not need to care about training their employee to have different action on Facebook Message and a different action on Facebook Comment anymore.

Still able to text customer after 24h

We strictly follow the facebook policy to prevent spam and encourage business to reply customers faster (facebook policy). But with deeply arranged and integrated, we still able to allow your sale team to text the customer even after 24h (but currently limited to text only).

Automatically confirm customer order by sending them a picture of order information

DooPage will automatically send a picture of order to your customers for confirmation that helps to prevent the misunderstanding between the saleman and the customer about pricing, product item…

We support order confirmation customization to include your business signatures.

Sale order management

No need to worry about changing of pricelist may cause information consistency problem among your team anymore because it’s managable through the platform of DooPage.

We are supporting bulk import and export from Facebook Product Feed or Excel and some others.
In South East Asia, if you are using an integrated shipment service that have a co-cooperation with DooPage may save you from 1% to 30% of shipping cost (the policy may be changed daily so it’s better to verify with our supporter by text us a message).

Automation Marketing and Automation Selling

Free 100% the chatbot feature that allows business owners to build scenario for quickly response to the customers.

Free 100% quick reply feature which will helps business owners or managers to build a template for their response (such as product information or company information or policy privacy of the company…) and the responsibility of the saleman is just reuse it.

Free 100% sending message to all of your old customers from integrated platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, Sendo, Zalo OA…

Professionally manage your employees

Don’t need to provide private credentials of shipment service to your employee anymore as we support submitting your sale order to the shipment service automatically by just a click without any need to share your username/password of shipment service to your employee. Which is believed to improve company security and prevent leaking of money or leaking of order from inside.

Measurable and trackable the quality and working resules of your employees.

By using DooPage, your employees are not able to direct contact your customers (by adding friend from their personal account) or saving it to become your future competitor.

Smart notification and reminder

Push notification whenever having new customers or new text messages.

Remind saleman about customer waiting in scheduling of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes…

Allow transfering and disputing customers when a customer is waiting for too long. That help improve the professional competition between your sale team and provide ability to prevent an overload of a saleman cause low response time to customers.


Internal communication feature allow the manager to send a message to the in-charged saleman directly in the conversation thread with the customer without needing to switch to another communication tool.

Encourage inter-support among your sale/support team and don’t worry about misleading between the an adviser and an executor.

In developing

Supporting more sale channels (especially in South East Asia).

E-mail and call-center integrations are coming.

Public API is coming for self-integrating with your self developed system.

It’s just 1 minute to start using DooPage!

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